BE training

in Business & Behavioral Sciences

PhD in Business & Behavioral Sciences

The PhD in Economics and Behavioral Sciences combines two research areas: “Individuals, Institutions and Markets” and “The Human Mind and its Complexity. It is located within the Department of Excellence in Neuroscience and Imaging at the University of Chieti-Pescara. Excellent knowledge of English isĀ  required. There are no constraints related to the degree field of the candidates. A Master’s degree/specialist degree is obviously required for access.

Postgraduate Master in Behavioral Economics for Business and Institution

The Master is the post-graduate training courseĀ  that allows you to give a turn to your career and acquire the necessary skills to become an expert in Behavior applied to various business sectors (HR, Marketing, Communication). Compared to the PhD, the skills will in fact be less theoretical and more practical, thanks to the faculty composed of academic teachers and expert managers.

master ben

Master of Science in Economics and Behavioral Sciences

The Master of Science in Economics and Behavioral Sciences is a two-year degree program taught entirely in English. It is aimed primarily at graduates in economics and psychology interested in the study of decision-making processes and human behavior in the economic setting as well as in learning experimental research methods.

ECMCRC Academy

This executive education program is designed to equip managers with the knowledge and skills needed to be competitive in an ever-changing economy. Our international network of academic researchers and industry experts deliver high-quality customized courses, suitable for leaders in all industries. Participants can take a single course or build their own portfolio through the purchase of multiple credits.