July 6, 2021 Off By Sara Ferracci

Evidence-Based Management: An Innovative Approach for Management Decisions

In today’s increasingly competitive and agile marketplace, companies that want to keep pace need to explore and implement new strategies that enable them to withstand change and competition. As such, there are those who focus on technological innovation, those who focus on the development of a niche product, unique in its kind, and those who, on the contrary, focus on a product in common use, but offered at much lower prices.

April 15, 2021 Off By Felice Giuliani

Individual decision, collective consequences: Game Theory and Covid-19

The situation we are experiencing during the current Covid-19 pandemic confronts individuals with challenges of a different nature, highlighting, among many complex dynamics, the closely interconnected nature of certain decision behaviors. This concept can be analyzed by taking as a reference the issue related to the contagion containment measures, which have affected Italy, since the beginning of Covid-19 emergency and continue to do so. Crucially, the reduction of the harm caused by the contagion would depend upon the collective adoption of those measures.